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I Used to Exist

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I Used to Exist

Beauty, fashion, Makeup, Uncategorized / March 21, 2016 / Off

Working as Hair & Makeup, this film really hit me deep. Bullying affects us all in some way. Everyone needs to understand how bullying can destroy a persons life.

I Used to Exist (2016).
As a last resort, a few bully victims gather as a group for the first time facilitated by counselor “Chris” in an effort to encourage them to share their experiences.

Bullying is intentional cruelty, in a variety of forms. But regardless of the form, no person, young or old, should go through this. While some feel it is a normal right of passage to face this abuse in life, those undergoing the abuse certainly feel differently. Everything that can be done, should be done to stamp this out at the earliest opportunities, teaching people that it is better to be nice than cruel. That is a simple message, but sometimes the most effective things are simple.


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