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Advanced Prosthetic Makeup Effects Course

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Advanced Prosthetic Makeup Effects Course

Makeup / September 23, 2019 / Off

In 2017 I completed The Advanced Prosthetic Makeup Effects course at Sharp Fx.

This course was truly a life changing experience for me, working on sculptures, life casting, molding, pouring and applying prosthetic pieces to create a final creative makeup.

Russell Sharp teaches the Prosthetic course in Melbourne and Adelaide. He was my teacher in 2017 and I would recommend anybody who is looking at a career change, new hobby, Makeup artists/Artists or someone who wants to have a creative year to check out his course:

In my course I took a head cast of my sister to have a replica head of hers to sculpt onto. Below are the process pictures:

Joanne getting her Head Cast done.
Joanne with her head cast complete ready to be taken off.

Once we have our head we can sculpt onto it. Russell is a great teacher and I felt he really goes above and beyond to teach you all you need to know about sculpting and molding for prosthetic Makeup pieces. The Workshop is a nice relaxed environment and our class had the best Sundays chatting about the Film industry and working together to be creative and have fun.

We had 12 students in my class and we all became great friends within the course.

My finished Sculpture on top of Joannes head mold.
My Finished Bird Sculpture on Joanne’s head mold.
All my Sculpted pieces together ready for molding, Finished.

Application Day!!

Application Day at sharp FX Workshop.
Starting the application process.

Our Application day arrived and we all got to apply our prosthetic pieces onto our models. I have to say it was the best day and everyone had so much fun! The application process took a minimum of 5 hours and removal took around 1 hour. Russell was there throughout the whole day guiding us and teaching us the best process for our application. He always put his 100% into our training to ensure we are learning at full capacity.

“I am so proud of the work i did in this course and everyday I thank myself for signing up”.

I now work within Sharp FX Studio and help with training students within the Prosthetic course.

This course is designed from Beginners to Advanced industry professionals and you don’t need any experience in this industry to begin. If you’re thinking of doing something different and want to expand your horizon into Prosthetic Makeup then don’t hesitate and contact Russell at Sharp Fx.

Stone Bird Prosthetic Makeup.

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